The Night On The Town Band

Richard Page’s Night On The Town Band is a group that explores Richard’s original compositions while allowing the players the freedom of their own sound and expression. The combination of woodwinds, trumpet (with many mutes), guitar, bass and drums provide a varied palette for listeners. The band has many influences, but most prevalent are the blues and world music. Expect to hear the dancing or party music of some of the best nightlife cities in the world!  

Richard Page - baritone and tenor saxophones, clarinet and compositions 

Ed Lister - trumpet and mutes 

Terence Wright - guitar 

Alex Bilodeau - bass 

Michel Delage - drums and cymbals

I thought their concert at Merrickville was a cut above anything I'd heard them do before, in terms of group tightness and a distinctive sound”

Alayne McGregor (